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John R. McAdams, President, The John R. McAdams Company

“I believe this technology has the potential to transform our industry significantly by dramatically reducing the time to accomplish land development design, and by increasing the cost optimization of the site design itself.”

Professor Doctor Thomas Bäck, Head of Natural Computing Group, University of Leiden

“SITEOPS proves that designs can be computer generated using advanced algorithms that utilize Evolutionary Computation and Heuristics. I believe the implications of this pioneering application is that SITEOPS has the potential to revolutionize the way that land development is done throughout the world.”

Mike Semeraro, Principal, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.

“I have been impressed by the effi ciencies created by the software’s capacity to generate multiple, optimized designs options. The potential impact of this technology is so substantial for our firm and the civil engineering community as a whole that Langan Engineering has offered to assist by serving as a beta test site for SITEOPS.”

J. Dan Pardue, retired VP Engineering & Construction, Lowe’s - Retailer

“This software is incredible! It takes away the risk associated with site assessments and speeds up the entire decision making process.”

Tim Dockery, Owner, The Crown Companies

“SITEOPS provides me options. This allows me to make better decisions by reducing surprise costs that often appear late in the process that result in dead deal costs and penalties from breaking contractual lease dates.”


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