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Demand for quick turnarounds and increased budget accuracy has driven civil engineering firms to seek breakthrough solutions that will allow them to meet client demand and compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Our state-of-the-art software solution, SITEOPS, simplifies the land development design process for civil engineers by delivering cost-optimized site designs in near real time. This information is extremely valuable for the following:

1. Site feasibility

  • Site layout
  • Budgeting

2. Initial site development planning

  • Site design
  • Preliminary construction drawings
  • Ongoing value engineering solutions
  • Refined budgets

SITEOPS Key Features

  • Optimizes the building layout
  • Auto-draws parking, curbing & truck drives
  • Considers easements & landscape areas
  • Auto-draws retaining walls
  • Auto-balances the site
  • Produces an optimized grading plan
  • Auto-draws piping and inlets
  • Auto-sizes and grades ponds
  • Validates site drainage feasibility
  • Creates a finished grade and sub grade layer with a cost / volume report of all materials that need to be moved
  • Calculates the piping cut / fill numbers for earth and rock identifying any gaps early in the process

SITEOPS Benefits

  • Differentiates your firm from the rest of the market
  • Produces multiple design options with optimized cost estimates in 24 hours or less
  • Takes the guesswork out of the initial assessment phase
  • Reduces parking lot drawing time from hours to minutes
  • Reduces FFE work from weeks to minutes
  • Reduces grading plan iterations from weeks to hours
  • Reduces the time to produce a cost estimate from weeks to hours

Civil engineering firms that use SITEOPS are better positioned to rapidly deliver on their customer commitments and attract new clients. The preliminary drawings from SITEOPS are used by the civil engineering firms as a launching pad for final construction drawings. By improving the land development process, civil engineers can deliver the rapid turnarounds clients increasingly demand.

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