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An increasingly competitive business environment has forced retail land owners to examine key operational business processes to gain and maintain a strategic competitive advantage. Today's facilities owners are grappling with issues such as:

  • Why are our facility openings delayed and over budget?
  • Can we get just 15 more revenue generating days with each new facility?
  • Why does it take so long to assess the feasibility of potential sites?
  • How can we foresee and eliminate as many of the site development unknowns as possible?
  • Is there a way to limit our risk exposure while increasing confidence in site decisions?
  • Can we minimize our initial due diligence costs?
  • How can we reduce engineering costs when there is simply more work than engineers available?

These demands are exacerbated by the pressure to deliver results faster and faster. Our sophisticated software solution, SITEOPS, empowers retail land owners navigating the real estate and construction process by delivering cost-optimized site feasibility and site infrastructure plans in near real time.

SITEOPS does the heavy lifting for engineers and provides multiple alternatives for:

1. Site feasibility:

    • budgeting
    • site layout
    • cost optimization of the parcel

2. Initial site planning:

    • site design
    • land planning
    • preliminary drawings
    • ongoing value engineering solutions

retail land owners using SITEOPS are uniquely positioned to leapfrog the competition by dramatically improving their real estate and construction process. The instantaneous feedback on site layouts and costs allows retail land owners management to make quicker decisions and to easily re-evaluate alternative site layout options including different building footprints, elevations, parking designs and much more.

SITEOPS delivers 80% design solutions early in the process, which in turn shortens the time to getting final decisions and the necessary government approvals. This translates into quicker store openings.

SITEOPS uses the customer’s specific constraints to determine the budget on all major site work cost drivers—meaning that your highest risk project budgets are very accurate up front.

SITEOPS delivers initial site development plans in a shorter period of time, typically saving 1-2 months and can be used throughout the site work stage for re-evaluations due to unforeseen or inaccurate site assumptions. This gives you the best plan up front as well as the most cost optimized alternatives throughout your site work process.


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