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Q: What is optimization?

A: Optimization is the discipline of finding the most effective possible designs, often given a set of constraints. There are many practical design and logistics problems where optimization is applied to reduce costs and time or to increase revenue.

Q: What industries can benefit from SITEOPS?

A: Real estate developers, owners, architects, land planners, and civil engineers can reduce project cost, time, and risk through using SITEOPS.

Q: How can I start using SITEOPS?

A: You'll need your site information in a DWG format to upload to our SITEOPS server. While there are default constraints and unit costs, you'll want to review the defaults and make adjustments to fit your specific needs. Then simply use the online solvers or submit your optimization request to the offline solver for processing.

Q: How many options will SITEOPS calculate for a plot of land and how quickly?

A: SITEOPS delivers 3-5 optimally different solutions within 24-48 hours. This provides your engineers with a diversity of cost optimized solutions that can be selected for the final construction phase.


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