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Today’s automated CAD design tools allow an engineer to design the layout, grading and stormwater drainage based on the applied knowledge of the engineer. Due to the complexity of engineering issues involved with a site, the typical engineer will consider 1-6 site designs, while the possible number of designs is approximately 10 trillion. The sheer enormity of possibilities, along with time pressures, make it impossible for an engineering firm to determine the optimal design for a site.

Companies seeking more powerful solutions are turning to SITEOPS to optimize their site design process. SITEOPS is breakthrough software that contains three solvers that work in combination to deliver:

  • Optimized site layouts
  • Optimized grading plans
  • Optimized stormwater management plans

The predictive analytics in SITEOPS deliver business insight into an incredibly complex engineering feat, performing the heavy lifting for land planning and design. This saves a significant amount of time, reducing site risk and costs.


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