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Increasingly, land developers are struggling to turn predictable profits while their customer base is eroding to retail land owners performing their own development. The need for speed to permitting and budget accuracy has driven land developers to pursue pioneering solutions that will allow them to hedge their risk and grow predictable revenue streams.

SITEOPS can help land developers who are grappling with such issues as:

  • How can I get permits faster?
  • Why are we over budget again on grading and paving?
  • How did you come up with the numbers for the site work?
  • Why can’t we find an engineering firm with enough staff to meet our timeline?
  • What can we do to gain confidence in our completion dates?
  • How quickly can I get a reasonably good cost estimate for this site so we can move forward with the project?
  • Is the plan for this site cost efficient?

Our state-of-the-art software solution, simplifies the land development process by delivering cost-optimized site feasibility and land plans in near real-time. SITEOPS performs early stage engineering activities and provides multiple cost optimized alternatives for:

1. Site feasibility

  • budgeting
  • site layout

2. Initial site development plans

  • site design
  • land planning
  • preliminary construction drawings
  • on-going value engineering solutions

Land developers using SITEOPS are uniquely positioned to adapt to the ever-changing real estate market conditions by dramatically improving their land development process. The quick, cost-optimized preliminary site plans facilitate the approval process and significantly reduce the time to permitting oftentimes by 1- 2 months.

SITEOPS uses the customer’s specific constraints to determine the budget on all major site work cost drivers—meaning that your highest risk project budgets are very accurate up front.

With SITEOPS, land developers can drive their own destiny by offloading preliminary design and planning activities from their civil engineering firms. The preliminary designs from SITEOPS are used by the civil engineering firms as a launching pad for final construction plans. By improving the land development process, land developers can drive rapid turnarounds and make faster, better decisions increasing the flexibility and nimbleness of the land developer to respond to changing market conditions.


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